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ISPN000065 in ha-singleton-service QS


      Following error is logged when testing singleton service failover for the primary-only example:

      ISPN000065: Exception while marshalling object: ExceptionResponse: org.infinispan.IllegalLifecycleStateException: Cache marshaller has been stopped

      This is probably caused by Infinispan not shutting down gracefully as reported in JBEAP-8930. We should document this in the README with link to the functional bug as known issue when testing the failover scenarios for users to be aware they can see this message.

      rhn-engineering-rhusar, I have seen this error message in primary-only example, but I think it can occur in the second one, too. What do you think?

            rhn-engineering-rhusar Radoslav Husar
            rhn-engineering-rhusar Radoslav Husar
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