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Wildfly logs warning "WFLYEJB0463: Invalid transaction attribute" for Stateful components with CDI lifecycle methods


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      Wildlfy logs a warning "WFLYEJB0463: Invalid transaction attribute type REQUIRED on SFSB lifecycle method Method postConstruct() of class class com.test.Test, valid types are REQUIRES_NEW and NOT_SUPPORTED. Method will be treated as NOT_SUPPORTED." for @Stateful-components with CDI lifecycle annotations, even if the Class does not define any Transaction-Attributes:

      public class Test implements Serializable
      	private static final long serialVersionUID = -2055975290009863989L;
      	private void postConstruct()

      The warning is only created when the @PostConstruct-method is on the class itself and not inherited (which does not make any difference). If the class extends another class, which declares a @PostConstruct-method, the warning does not appear.

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