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Undertow servlet 'check-interval' attribute not working



      After the discussion in this Jira, this attribute should be marked as deprecated actually. Therefore there need to be done:

      1. provide information that this attribute is deprecated in resource description in CLI for /subsystem=undertow/servlet-container=default/setting=jsp[check-interval] (since what version + reason)
      2. provide such information also in our EAP7 documentation

      As from discussion following text is irrelevant for now



      of JSP servlet configuration seems not to be working - whatever is its value, any change to JSP file is propagated to EAP server right after the file change.

      Try following with various values set to check-interval attribute:

      1. start EAP server
      2. deploy any war with jsp file (e.g. attached [^simple-jsp.war]) as an exploded archive
      3. perform request to localhost:8080/simple-jsp to see content
      4. modify file EAP_HOME/standalone/deployments/simple-jsp.war/index.jsp
      5. perform request again and see that change to file was directly propagated

      Expected behaviour is:

      • when check-interval is set to 0, then no check for JSP updates is performed at all
      • when check-interval is greather than 0 and developement is false, then regular check for JSP updates is provided each X seconds, where X is value of check-interval attribute

      In EAP6 this seems to be working just fine this way.

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