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Support module slots for foreign JMS bridges


      It would be nice to specify the slot, along with the module, for a JMS bridge.

      Use case:

      When setting up a JMS bridge with a foreign JMS system, the "module" option can be used (as a CLI parameter or an XML attribute) to specify the library code for the foreign JMS system, as a JBoss Module.

      We have a number of different versions of a legacy messaging API. We have previously set up modules for direct use within our deployed application code, using different slots for different versions of the foreign JMS system.

      We are now trying to migrate away from our different messaging systems towards Wildfly/Artemis, and have tried to set up JMS bridges to connect with the different systems.

      Unfortunately, it is not possible to use any module slot other than "main" with a JMS bridge. There is no "slot" attribute in the XML, and if we try to use "modulename:slot" notation, then we get an error saying that the module could not be loaded. Turning up debugging shows it is looking for "modulename\:slot:main".

      This seems like an omission, and is causing us to have to rework code to avoid the use of slots for different versions of the same library, which seems like a step backwards.

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