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Elytron, regex-name-validating-rewriter - 'match' attribute required and unclear description


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      Attribute 'match' is required when adding 'regex-name-validating-rewriter' although when reading the resource description via CLI, I can see that it has defined default value (true) and in XSD file it is not stated as a 'required'. Try:

          "outcome" => "failed",
          "failure-description" => "WFLYCTL0172: match is required",
          "rolled-back" => true

      When you try to add also with 'match' attribute then rewriter is added successfully.

      Also - the 'match' attribute description in CLI is not quite clear:

                  "match" => {
                      "type" => BOOLEAN,
                      "description" => "Should names that match the pattern be rejected or names that don't",
                      "expressions-allowed" => true,
                      "nillable" => false,
                      "default" => true,
                      "access-type" => "read-write",
                      "storage" => "configuration",
                      "restart-required" => "resource-services"

      After reading the description I still don't know what happens when pattern matches the name and value of 'match' attribute is set to 'true' - will it be rejected or not?

      Expected behaviour:

      1. 'match' attribute to be arbitrary (or change XSD so it is in sync with model)
      2. more clear description of 'match' attribute

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