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DistributableSession validate method throw misleading exception message


      In DistributableSession the validate method is getting called for any underlying undertow session access to make sure we are not touching an already invalidated session (which totally make sense):

      public class DistributableSession implements io.undertow.server.session.Session {
          private static void validate(Session<LocalSessionContext> session) {
              if (!session.isValid()) {
                  throw UndertowMessages.MESSAGES.sessionNotFound(session.getId());

      The problem though is the exception message that is thrown is really misleading because in reality the session actually exists but is currently invalid and/or getting invalidated. This can happen especially when running in optimistic mode where we can have many differents threads accessing the very same session.

      I would recommend we do instead:

              if (!session.isValid()) {
                  throw UndertowMessages.MESSAGES.sessionAlreadyInvalidated();

      or even better:

              if (!session.isValid()) {
                  throw UndertowMessages.MESSAGES.sessionAlreadyInvalidated(session.getId());

      but it will require also a change in Undertow to actually template/parametize the sessionAlreadyInvalidated message.


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