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TS: Check endorsed jboss-annotations-api.


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      (22.12.2011 04:09:13) ozizka: Speaking of hacks, how about jboss-annotations-api_1.1_spec being set as endorsed during testsuite compilation
      (04:09:25) ozizka: The comment says "Big complex hack just to get @Resource(lookup="foo")."
      (04:09:34) ozizka: Is that stil needed?
      (04:37:14) bstansberry: I don't know. I never really knew what that was all about
      (04:37:39) bstansberry: i doubt it's needed, just because it sounds so weird and dates so far back
      (04:38:12) bstansberry: oh, i can guess what it's about
      (04:38:50) bstansberry: wacky Sun/Oracle have the same class in both SE and EE but with extra members in EE
      (04:39:20) bstansberry: "lookup" isn't in @Resource in SE

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