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      Testsuite run can take different amount of time on various HW (or virtuals).
      All timeouts must be configurable, in the sense of being possible to prolong.

      We should also divide them into categories, depending on what is expected to take long (consider slow disks, slow networks, cloud environment)
      Few ideas for categories:

      • Filesystem I/O
      • Processor
      • Network I/O
      • Memory I/O
      • Database operations
        For each category, there would be a ratio, 1.0 by default, which would multiply the timeout.

      So the timeout would look like:

      something.setTimeout( 1000 * Timeouts.getFSIORatio() );

      Other possibility is to use @Annotations to mark tests belonging to certain group, like @LongRunning or such.

            ozizka_jira Ondrej Zizka (Inactive)
            ozizka_jira Ondrej Zizka (Inactive)
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