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Throw IllegalStateException if JTA tx has an unsynchronized persistence context and the target is synchronized persistence context


      SPEC: If a component is called and the JTA transaction is propagated into that component:
      If there is a persistence context of type SynchronizationType.UNSYNCHRONIZED
      associated with the JTA transaction and the target component specifies a persistence context of type SynchronizationType.SYNCHRONIZED, the IllegalStateException is thrown by the container

      We have a stateful session bean (SFB1) / PC: TRANSACTION/UNSYNCHRONIZED)
      stateful session bean (SFB2) / PC: TRANSACTION/SYNCHRONIZED)

      SFB1 method M1 (REQUIRED) calls SFB2 Method 2 (REQUIRED):
      PC is propagated from SFB1 to SFB2 without any exception.

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