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Alternative JDKs for building and running - OpenJDK 6, 7, Sun JDK 7, IcedTea


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      James Perkins:

      At one point there was a JIRA for OpenJDK 6, in fact I think a couple. The issue with OpenJDK 6 is in the build we use some JavaScript and OpenJDK 6 doesn't come with a JavaScript engine. I tried a couple things to get Rhino working with it as that's what the Sun JDK uses, but I think it needs to implement an SPI to get it to work. I didn't look into it much beyond that.

      JDK 7 is a different issue. It's a bug in the annotation processing API which the JBoss Logging Tooling uses. I just refreshed my OpenJDK 7 update source and it looks like the bug is fixed in there. It's fixed in IcedTea as well. There could be the JavaScript issue here as well I can't actually remember, but I thought I had some successful builds with custom JDK's I compiled.

      I did just try with IcedTea 7 and got some other errors. I'm building the latest upstream of OpenJDK 7 now and we'll see if it works. I'll let you know either way.

      Let me know if you have any more questions on this. I did dig into a while ago a little.

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