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Validation errors in "jboss-web_10_0.xsd"



      When creating an instance of this XSD file, Eclipse cannot validate the XSD file.

      Attached is a screenshot of all errors. Sorry for the screenshot, but Eclipse does not allow copying of error messages from the "validation errors in included xsd file" window.

      I assume the errors are caused mainly by this problem:
      a) "jboss-web_10_0.xsd" declares the namespace "xmlns:jboss="http://www.jboss.com/xml/ns/javaee" ", but it does not include/import any file where those common things are declared. I assume it references "jboss-common_6_0.xsd"? See "jboss-web_7_0.xsd", where the common file is included.

      b) if this is true, the next problem is that there is a namespace mismatch: jboss-common_6_0.xsd declares this: xmlns:javaee="http://java.sun.com/xml/ns/javaee"
      But "jboss-web_10_0.xsd" declares xmlns:javaee="http://xmlns.jcp.org/xml/ns/javaee"
      Probably it should be the same namespace in both files?
      So a new "jboss-common_10_0.xsd" would be needed, which also imports "javaee_7.xsd" instead of "javaee_6.xsd".

      Attached are "jboss-web_10_0.xsd" and "jboss-common_10_0.xsd" files which don't contain the namespace mismatch errors any more. But I don't know whether they are correct and would work when wildfly validates a xml file with this schema.

      My files still contain one last error (don't know how to fix it):
      src-ct.2.1: Complex Type Definition Representation Error for type 'symbolic-linked-allowedType'. When <simpleContent> is used, the base type must be a complexType whose content type is simple, or, only if restriction is specified, a complex type with mixed content and emptiable particle, or, only if extension is specified, a simple type. 'boolean' satisfies none of these conditions.
      in jboss-web_10_0.xsd, line 313

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