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Undertow mod_cluster proxy does not offer any Client HTTPS configuration


    • Steps to Reproduce:

      Try to configure bidirectional HTTPS communication between Undertow mod_cluster proxy and its workers.

      Try to configure bidirectional HTTPS communication between Undertow mod_cluster proxy and its workers.


      Undertow mod_cluster proxy acts both as a server and as a client in relation to its workers.

      While the server configuration is quite straightforward:

          <property name="javax.net.ssl.trustStore" value="/vault/ca-cert.jks"/>
          <property name="javax.net.ssl.trustStorePassword" value="tomcat"/>
      <security-realm name="UndertowRealm">
                  <keystore path="/vault/server-cert-key.jks"  keystore-password="tomcat" alias="javaserver" key-password="tomcat"/>
      <https-listener name="https" socket-binding="https" security-realm="UndertowRealm"/>

      with having management-socket-binding="https" and advertise-protocol="https" set; it seems there is no way to configure certs and keys for the client role of the Undertow mod_cluster proxy implementation.

      With the current implementation, worker can connect to the Undertow mod_cluster proxy, i.e. it can send CONFIG and STATUS MCMP messages, but when the Undertow mod_cluster proxy needs to act as a client, sending STATUS-RSP message to the worker, it does not have the necessary HTTPS setup:

      DEBUG [io.undertow] (default I/O-5) UT005055: HttpClientPingTask run for connection:
      DEBUG [io.undertow.server.handlers.proxy.ProxyHandler] (default I/O-5) No proxy target for request to
      DEBUG [io.undertow] (default task-7) UT005056: Received node load in STATUS message, node jvmRoute: worker-1, load: 80
      DEBUG [io.undertow.request] (default I/O-5) Failed to connect: java.io.IOException: UT000065: SSL must be specified to connect to a https URL
          at io.undertow.client.http.HttpClientProvider.connect(HttpClientProvider.java:93)
          at io.undertow.client.UndertowClient.connect(UndertowClient.java:158)
          at io.undertow.server.handlers.proxy.ProxyConnectionPool.openConnection(ProxyConnectionPool.java:233)
          at io.undertow.server.handlers.proxy.ProxyConnectionPool.connect(ProxyConnectionPool.java:446)
          at io.undertow.server.handlers.proxy.mod_cluster.NodePingUtil$1.run(NodePingUtil.java:140)
          at org.xnio.nio.WorkerThread.safeRun(WorkerThread.java:560)
          at org.xnio.nio.WorkerThread.run(WorkerThread.java:462)

      The HTTPS communication between Undertow mod_cluster proxy and its workers needs to be bidirectional.

      If I'm just missing any obvious configuration option, please, shout, throw rocks and close this JIRA

      Thank you for your time looking into it.

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