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Do not force that the exploded directory ends with ".war"


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      In a standard webapp, maven creates the following directory and file:
      // Exploded directory
      // War file

      Unfortunately, WildFly forces that exploded directories should have the suffix ".war". At least the IntelliJ JBoss app server plugin enforces this, if that's no longer the case, they should fix it asap. This has 2 side effects:

      1) Every noob fails to deploy an exploded dir to WildFly in IntelliJ. By the time they realize that it's because they haven't adjusted the exploded artifact's output path, they're already using Jetty or Tomcat (which "just work" in IntelliJ).

      2) As a result, maven and IntelliJ are potentially incompatible for WildFly:
      If you just suffix the exploded directory with ".war", the exploded directory clashes with maven's war file.

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