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Rename package name of whole Arquillian Wildfly adapter



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      Speaking about Arquillian Wildfly container adapter, some time ago it seems to me it was directly embedded into wildfly repository at github when I recall that correctly.

      Right now, it is deleted from there and is moved to https://github.com/wildfly/wildfly-arquillian

      The problem is that when you want to make a test which mixes two containers together, to be concrete, good old AS7 and new Wildfly, you can not do that since its package name are just same so you have naming clash on your class path.

      I am author of multiple container extension (1) (2) under Arquillian umbrella which enables the usage of two different container adapters in one test run which is not possible normally. While it was possible to make the difference between Jboss AS 7 and Wildfly since theirs package names were org.jboss.as and org.wildfly respectively when Wildfly was embedded in Wildfly repo itself, you can not do this anymore.

      This affects e.g. guys from Infinispan project which are trying to cover the migration from JBoss AS to Wildfly and they are writing tests for it. (you have old Jbosses and Wildflies and Infinispan can migrate data from one server to another and drop the old ones).

      I suggest to rename package name to org.wildfly to not collide anymore.

      Thanks a lot!

      (1) https://github.com/arquillian/arquillian-droidium/tree/master/droidium-container/arquillian-droidium-multiple-containers

      (2) https://github.com/arquillian/arquillian-droidium/tree/master/droidium-container#container-selection


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