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Allow jconsole to be launched as a modular application



    • Type: Feature Request
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    • Priority: Major
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    • Fix Version/s: 9.0.0.Alpha1
    • Component/s: JMX, Scripts
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      Make the jconsole scripts launch jconsole as as a modular application. Get rid of the classpath building that resulted in AS7-6498.

      Some (mildly edited) discussion:

      bstansberry: BTW, I filed a JIRA to make the vault tool a proper modular app in AS next. I'm not sure if that's doable for jconsole
      [10:37am] darranl: bstansberry: Yes vault should be modular - I don't believe jconsole is as easily possible unless we add a module for the jconsole classes
      [10:38am] darranl: bstansberry: the problem with jconsole was that we actually needed to call jconsole which I think was a binary so we were just created an extended classpath for that binary to use
      [10:38am] bstansberry: darranl: ok, will do. I didn't file a JIRA for modular jconsole because I figured there would be problems
      [10:39am] darranl: bstansberry: having said that it may be possible now to just switch to use the client jar - that did not exist at the time the jconsole script was first written
      [10:40am] darranl: but at this point may be safer to just update the root of the modules folder and switch to client later
      [10:40am] bstansberry: darranl: this will become more of an issue once we have patching
      [10:40am] bstansberry: since this script won't pick up any patches we may have issued for the listed modules
      [10:40am] bstansberry: and no way are we going to add that to the script
      [10:43am] dmlloyd: I've booted jconsole from within modules before
      [10:43am] dmlloyd: it's possible
      [10:43am] darranl: If it is possbile then maybe we can just make it modular
      [10:44am] dmlloyd: java -jar ~/.m2/repository/org/jboss/modules/jboss-modules/1.1.4.GA/jboss-modules-1.1.4.GA.jar -jar ~/local/jdk/home/lib/jconsole.jar
      [10:44am] dmlloyd: easy as bananas
      [10:45am] dmlloyd: if you use -cp you can also add dependencies via -dep
      [10:45am] dmlloyd: or we could create a jconsole module from openjdk even


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