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Provide API for use by ejb-security-interceptors quick start.




      The quick start accesses the currently authenticated user, unfortunately this representation is with a bunch of internal implementation classes.

      • org.jboss.as.domain.management.security.RealmUser.
      • org.jboss.as.security.remoting.RemotingContext.
      • org.jboss.as.controller.security.SubjectUserInfo

      The first problem is the RemotingContext, we use it internally to associate the remoting connection with the thread processing the request, the only reason we really use it is to obtain the identity of the user associated with the connection, we may be better simplifying this down to just associate a simple ConnectionSecurityContext with the thread instead.

      Secondly once we have used the identity associated with the connection we clear the association, this is probably the wrong way round and instead we should be setting something to say we have used the identity.

      The SubjectUserInfo is essentially the ConnectionSecurityContext I mention above, we need a simple representation of this that can be used.

      Finally there is RealmUser, we should also add RealmGroup - these two classes just need to be in their own public module or inherit from something that is.

      As a closing point should these be marked as deprecated? Security services are being re-worked in WildFly and this whole quick start is just an alternative solution to the new services.


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