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JMX over remoting pollutes query results with ModelController objects


      When issuing MBean queries over JMX remoting, the AS is returning a list of org.jboss.as.controller.ModelController objects in addition to those matching the query.

      This is a transcript of a chat we had about it on IRC:
      Oct 15 14:51:46 <ttarrant> darranl, if I issue a jmx query over jmx-remoting I get many more objects than expected
      Oct 15 14:51:55 <ttarrant> darranl, i.e. ones that do not match the query
      Oct 15 14:52:09 <ttarrant> darranl, this is with 7.1.x
      Oct 15 14:52:57 <ttarrant> darranl, this works if I use the standard JMX over RMI
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      Oct 15 14:53:16 <ttarrant> darranl, do you just pass the query the the mbeanserver ?
      Oct 15 14:53:39 <darranl> ttarrant: what kind of objects? within AS7 I think there are two things that could affec
      t this 1 - The Remoting JMX protocol, 2 - The domain management representation over JMX
      Oct 15 14:53:54 <darranl> For #1 yes we just pass it to the MBEanServer and return whatever it returns
      Oct 15 14:54:04 <darranl> if it was a Remoting JMX bug maybe we are messing up the query
      Oct 15 14:54:16 <ttarrant> darranl, the query is as follows: :type=CacheManager,component=Interpreter,name=
      Oct 15 14:54:16 <darranl> But not sure if #2 could be the reason more is getting added
      Oct 15 14:54:32 <ttarrant> darranl, wait a sec
      Oct 15 14:54:57 <darranl> ttarrant: I would suggest getting a Jira raised and assigned to me, I can verify if it i
      s a remoting jmx issue or pass over if it is a domain management integration issue
      Oct 15 14:55:20 <darranl> regardless of where it is happenign it sounds like you may have discovered a bug
      Oct 15 14:56:23 <ttarrant> darranl, let me get the objects it's returning
      Oct 15 14:56:39 <darranl> ttarrant: when you enable the RMI approach you bypass both Remoting JMX AND the domain m
      anagement integration
      Oct 15 14:56:42 <darranl> ok
      Oct 15 15:26:08 <ttarrant> darranl, ok, my query actually returns the object I queried for and a bunch of org.jboss.as.controller.ModelController (one for each subsystem)
      Oct 15 15:51:24 <darranl> ttarrant: ok that does then sound like it is the domain management integration that is 'poluting' the query results
      Oct 15 15:51:53 <darranl> ttarrant: going RMI was just bypassing that as well
      Oct 15 15:52:05 <ttarrant> darranl, shall I open a Jira ?
      Oct 15 15:52:34 <ttarrant> darranl, I work around the issue by manually filtering the returned objects based on class name
      Oct 15 15:53:23 <darranl> ttarrant: it would probably be one for kkhan to look into, think he is just back today so may be worth the Jira so he can have a look once he has caught back up

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