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Create POC of a wildfly.org support matrix document based on _data/releases


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      This is an opportunity to learn a bit about Jekyll and Liquid, appropriate for someone with experience in those technologies, or someone who is willing to do some homework to learn.

      The wildlfy.org site is a github pages site driven by Jekyll.[1] The https://github.com/wildfly/wildfly.org/blob/main/_data/releases.yaml file provides data that drives some of the site, particularly the https://www.wildfly.org/downloads/ page. The https://github.com/wildfly/wildfly.org/blob/main/_layouts/downloads.html file illustrates a bit about how data from the releases file is used in a Jekyll template.

      The goal of this subtask is to develop a POC of a WFLY-18250 solution by adding some new attributes to the entries in the releases file, and to use those to create a "data" file available on wildfly.org.


      1) Work out based on discussion on zulip what the data structure is for the new attributes. For example, a 'se-support' object attribute with child attributes for different categories of 'support' (see WFLY-18250 for thoughts on categories.)

      2) Work out based on discussion on zulip a structure for the output file. Not HTML; this is meant for machine reading. So XML, or yaml or ...

      3) Determine a stable url for 2)

      4) Add a layout that uses Liquid to go from 1) to 2).

      5) Add the release support data to releases 26.1.0 and later.

      The expectation is whoever works on this will be able to work out largely on their own how to use Jekyll and how to set up a local Ruby environment and locally build the site in order to validate their work. They can count on assistance from WildFly developers though in discussing the best form of input and output data.

      [1] https://jekyllrb.com/docs/github-pages/

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