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Wildfly 29: does not start on JRE, works on JDK. Worked in WFLY28



      since WildFly 29 we receive an error when starting WildFly with an JRE (Eclipse Temurin 17.0.8). With a JDK it works as expected.

      The reason is a new dependency of org.jboss.jts to jdk.jconsole, resulting in the following error: full_stack_module_load_error

      [org.jboss.modules.define] (ServerService Thread Pool – 29) Failed to define class com.arjuna.ats.arjuna.utils.Process in Module "org.jboss.jts" from local module loader @106cc338 (finder: local module finder @7a67e3c6 (roots: /home/javarun/wildfly/modules,/home/javarun/wildfly/modules/system/layers/base)): org.jboss.modules.ModuleLoadError: jdk.jconsole

      The change was introduces in commit 5cd1548e due to the issue WFLY-17932.

      Why do I have assumed that this is a bug and not an intentional change? Because in the past this dependency of jdk.jconsole was already removed in commit 211a08a due to a similar bug WFLY-14606.


      Thanks in advance for taking a look at this report and awesome job you are all doing with WildFly!

      br m

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