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Verify and enable the the microprofile-metrics quickstart


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      Per a discussion with emartins@redhat.com last week the quickstarts in the main branch that are currently disabled have been converted to jakarta.* and should mostly all work, and just need someone (don't assume Eduardo please) to run them to verify they work and send up a simple PR to reenable the inclusion of their module in the build.

      I'm filing issues for each of the MicroProfile ones as those would be good to get restored in the next couple days for WF 27. The EE ones we have a reasonable subset enabled, but we have none of the MP ones enabled.

      I'm letting these autoassign to the relevant component lead. If you are actually going to work on one please put it in coding in progress right away. Otherwise, anyone should feel free to reassign to themselves and put it in Coding in Progress, so long as you're going to start on it right away.

            jaslee@redhat.com Jason Lee
            jaslee@redhat.com Jason Lee
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