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Configure surefire plugin's 'reportNameSuffix' when test will be executed multiple times


      For cases where we have the same test class being executed in multiple surefire executions in the same test run, use the surefire plugin's reportNameSuffix so the later executions don't overwrite the test output of the earlier ones:

      I don't think we should do this for every pom that has > 1 surefire execution. Just for cases where > 1 execution is expected to run in a typical test run; e.g. ones in the same profile.

      A prime example of this is when tests are run with ts.layers, which turns on a profile that in some cases runs the same tests multiple times against different server installations with different sets of layers installed.  The testsuite/integration/microprofile module also runs tests twice, once against the standard server installation and once again an installation provisioned with just the standalone-microprofile.xml config.  There may be other cases as well.



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