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Clean up Micrometer module


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    • 27.0.0.Final
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      1. Module Setup
        1. Have WF Micrometer not depend on WF Metrics, but instead use capabilities to ensure it will fail if both are present
        2. Fail if MP Metrics is installed as we never intend for that combo to be valid
        3. Sort out what this means for the observability layer
      2. Documentation
        1. Restore docs/src/main/asciidoc/_admin-guide/subsystem-configuration/Metrics.adoc
        2. Create a new file for this content, and then tweak as needed to deal with Micrometer only being in WFP
      3. Clean up license headers
      4. Use Phase ID allocated in wildfly-core
      5. Address visibility in MicrometerCdiExtension.java

            jaslee@redhat.com Jason Lee
            jaslee@redhat.com Jason Lee
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