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Temporarily disable creating zip assemblies of galleon content


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      The repository.jboss.org repo manager has begun rejecting closing of staging repos with artifacts that exactly match artifacts already present in the repo (i.e. same hash). This is problematic with the zip files produced from various maven modules that only contain content used as source input to create a Galleon feature pack (e.g. ee-feature-pack/common). Often this content does not change from release to release.

      To work around this, for 27 Alpha5, stop producing these zips in full WildFly. The WildFly build doesn't use them itself (it just directly copies the unzipped source), and publicly the zipped content is available in the overall src zip produced for each release (plus it's available in git.)

      These reason I added these zips was to allow assembling feature packs using content not locally available, but rather pulled from maven. This is actually used, i.e. to get content from WildFly Core. But the zips produced by the full WF modules are not used.

      This is just a temp workaround. I don't want to drop these zips altogether and we need them from WF Core. Perhaps we can switch to a jar instead, which will get a manifest that changes per release. Zip files can have comments, which could include the version number and thus be unique per release, but I don't see any maven assembly plugin or maven archiver hook to set a comment in a zip file assembly.

            bstansbe@redhat.com Brian Stansberry
            bstansbe@redhat.com Brian Stansberry
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