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ELContext obtained from a JSP PageContext cannot resolve 'facesContext' and 'view' implicit objects


      If an application obtains a reference to a JSP PageContext and calls getELContext() to obtain and ELContext, the ELResolver obtained via that ELContext cannot resolve the 'facesContext' and 'view' implicit objects (i.e. a FacesContext and a UIViewRoot.)

      Resolving these is a Faces spec requirement and failing to do so causes a TCK failure:


      This is a regression introduced by a change in Mojarra 4. (The change is not a bug.) Faces prior to Faces 4 did not require CDI, so Mojarra included an ELResolver that would handle resolution of these objects. Faces 4 requires CDI, so Mojarra removed this resolver, presumably in the valid expectation that CDI-based EL resolution would handle this. This surfaced a flaw in how our CDI-based EL resolution integration with a PageContext works.

            bstansbe@redhat.com Brian Stansberry
            bstansbe@redhat.com Brian Stansberry
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