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Add support for 'remoting' based URLs in the CLI


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      Internally JBoss Remoting used the 'remote' URI scheme to register the RemoteConnectionProviderFactory, this made sense in the context of Remoting as it differentiated different types of ConnectionProviderFactory.

      However this has leaked to client outside e.g. the CLI where a URI Scheme now needs to be entered in a connection string.

      For HTTP Upgrade we have the following two URIs: -

      http-remoting and https-remoting which mean remoting over http and remoting over https respectively.

      For JMX access we use the following: -

      remoting-jmx, http-remoting-jmx, https-remoting-jmx which mean, jmx over remoting, jmx over remoting over http and jmx over remoting over https.

      The URI scheme of 'remote' does not fit with this pattern. This Jira is to add 'remoting' to the CLI.

            darran.lofthouse@redhat.com Darran Lofthouse
            darran.lofthouse@redhat.com Darran Lofthouse
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