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Incorrect generation of licenses files



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      I've found the following problems generating the license files for the feature packs:

      • There are feature-packs which are using different executions to generate a license file for the same feature-pack. This is a problem because those executions are not using the same configuration license files. As an example check how galleon-pack is generating license files for MicroProfile and Elytron OIDC client (https://github.com/wildfly/wildfly/blob/62eff7ac274a1999f26662c9f145a4fdd8c79e75/galleon-pack/galleon-feature-pack/pom.xml#L156-L181)
      • After executing this license plugin, we end up with two different files with different license configurations for the same set of artifacts. Notice that the generated files will contain an entry for each dependency found in the classpath, so the same GA will be found on each generated file but probably with a different configuration.
      • The above is also conceptually problematic because we could be expecting a generated license file with only all the MicroProfile artifacts or only with all the Elytron OIDC artifacts (although those modules are not feature-packs, it looks like that was the original intention), but at the end what we really get is a file with all the artifacts found in the maven classpath. The worse example can be found at the target/wildfly-preview-26.0.0.Beta1-SNAPSHOT/docs/licenses/microprofile-feature-pack-licenses.html¬†file generated by the wildfly-preview FP




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