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PartialObjectActivationJarTestCase fails if ran after any of InflowFlatTestCase or TwoModulesOfDifferentTypeTestCase


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      PartialObjectActivationJarTestCase fails if it runs after InflowFlatTestCase. It seems that the inflow2 resource adapter is not fully unregistered by InflowFlatTestCase before PartialObjectActivationJarTestCase begins to start its own RA.

      Here is the server log snippet (DEBUG level):

      Line 10 of this snippet corresponds to the invocation of setConfiguration("basic.xml"); in PartialObjectActivationJarTestCase. Then, the server is apparently trying to activate MultipleConnectionFactory2Impl and MultipleAdminObject2Impl even though these are not involved in basic.xml of PartialObjectActivationJarTestCase at all. A suspicious exception is on line 19 there.

      I tried to put some delay between remove(address); and removeModule(defaultPath); in AbstractModuleDeploymentTestCaseSetup#tearDown() but it did not help. I also tried to put @Ignore to both test methods in the InflowFlatTestCase which also did not help, so it is evidently related only to the RA deployment/undeployment.

            istudens@redhat.com Ivo Studensky
            istudens@redhat.com Ivo Studensky
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