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Cannot reliably use optional service dependencies


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      The OSGi transaction extension uses this code to define dependencies on some Tx services

                  builder.addDependency(DependencyType.OPTIONAL, TransactionManagerService.SERVICE_NAME, TransactionManager.class, injectedTransactionManager);
                  builder.addDependency(DependencyType.OPTIONAL, UserTransactionService.SERVICE_NAME, UserTransaction.class, injectedUserTransaction);

      and later registers OSGi services from it

              TransactionManager transactionManager = injectedTransactionManager.getOptionalValue();
              if (transactionManager != null) {
                  systemContext.registerService(TransactionManager.class.getName(), transactionManager, null);
              UserTransaction userTransaction = injectedUserTransaction.getOptionalValue();
              if (userTransaction != null) {
                  systemContext.registerService(UserTransaction.class.getName(), userTransaction, null);

      The intension is that the OSGi services only get registered when the Tx subsystem is configured.

      I see intermittent failures because the Tx services are not injected and suspect that this is due to a race condition in subsystem startup.

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