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End transformation of jasypt during build and use of the wildfly-preview feature pack


      During the build of the 'wildfly-preview' feature pack or the use of it in provisioning, the Galleon WildFly plugin is transforming the org.jasypt:jasypt library. The task here is to prevent this from occurring.

      The typical way to resolve this kind of thing would be to integrate a native jakarta namespace version of the artifact into the build, and that is a valid fix here too, but hopefully it won't be necessary (since I suspect jasypt may not produce such an artifact any time soon.)

      Instead, hopefully we can:

      1) Confirm that the artifact is being transformed solely due to its use of Jakarta Servlet in its org.jasypt.web.pbeconfig package. (I have confirmed this by looking at verbose logging created when the Galleon WildFly plugin does the transformation.)

      2) Confirm that our uses of jasypt do not involve use of that package, and therefore our supported use of jasypt doesn't require that package. (A scan by my IDEA installation indicates they don't, and my review of http://www.jasypt.org/webconfiguration.html leads me to below this jasypt feature is unrelated to WildFly's supported use of this library.)

      3) -Remove the org.jasypt module's dependency on the javax.servlet.api module (since we don't support its use of that API.) - (There is no such dependency; it must have been removed in the last year or so. This effectively makes jasypt's use of servlet non-functional within the server.)

      4) Configure the build of the wildfly-preview FP to not transform org.jasypt:jasypt by adding a comment and an exclude element to the wildfly-galleon-maven-plugin config (see https://github.com/wildfly/wildfly/blob/main/ee-9/feature-pack/pom.xml#L387).

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            bstansbe@redhat.com Brian Stansberry
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