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Clustering TS: Infinispan Server instances provisioned by testsuite are always killed; leaking resources (e.g. file locks) on Windows platform


      Continuation of WFLY-13897.

      While the driver with numerous fixes (see WFLY-13897 blocked issues) now kills the servers, there is an outstanding problem which causes the Infinispan Server to hang.

      While these are t hen killed abruptly (kill -9 on *nix and TASKKILL /F /PID on Windows), this causes a couple of issues:

      • JVM crash files are unnecessarily created
      • server profiles cannot be wiped since a lock is still held
      • procmon still lists locked files and causes memory exhaustion

            rhn-engineering-rhusar Radoslav Husar
            rhn-engineering-rhusar Radoslav Husar
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