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Support ActiveMQ Artemis' "auto-delete-created-queue" property


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      Wildfly ActiveMQ module is eventually throwing ActiveMQAddressFullException exception. It happens because there are some durable queue (associated with a Topic) that has no subscriber. ActiveMQ keeps those queues by the premises that subscriber may connect again and then receive all the messages she missed when she wasn't connected. 

      Since we're working on a Kubernetes environment, subscribers will rarely connect again with the same IP, so ActiveMQ will create a new queue for each subscription which would eventually throw ActiveMQAddressFullException exception.
      By the documentation (https://activemq.apache.org/components/artemis/documentation/latest/address-model.html), activating the "auto-delete-created-queue" property would solve the problem as it would guarantee that the queue would be deleted right after the subscriber disconnects from the queue.

      It turns out that WF 21 Model Reference documentation do not mention the "auto-delete-created-queues" property which means that this property is not supported by WF ActiveMQ module even though it's supported by ActiveMQ itself.  

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