There're several issues appeared during license check.

      Full feature pack:

      • wrong license for istack-commons-runtime (GPLv2.0 -> EDLv1.0)
      • wrong license for istack-commons-tools (GPLv2.0 -> EDLv1.0)
      • wrong license for relaxng-datatype (GPLv2.0 -> EDLv1.0)
      • wrong license for rngom (MIT -> EDLv1.0)
      • wrong licence for httpcore (removed CCA license)
      • wrong license for httpcore-nio (removed CCA license)
      • wrong license for jaxb codemodel (CCDL+GPL -> EDLv1.0)
      • wrong license for jaxb-jxc (CCDL+GPL -> EDLv1.0)
      • wrong license for jaxb-runtime (CCDL+GPL -> EDLv1.0)
      • wrong license for jaxb-xjc (CCDL+GPL -> EDLv1.0)
      • wrong license for jaxb txw2 (CCDL+GPL -> EDLv1.0)
      • wrong license for jaxb xsom (CCDL+GPL -> EDLv1.0)
      • wrong license for jboss-jms-api_2.0_spec (CCDL -> EDLv1.0)
      • wrong license for jboss-connector-api_1.7_spec (CCDL -> EDLv1.0+GPLv2.0-CE)
      • missing license for jboss-transaction-api_1.3_spec
      • wrong license for jboss-jaxb-api_2.3_spec (CCDL -> EDLv1.0)
      • wrong license for jboss-jaxrpc-api_1.1_spec (CCDL -> EDLv1.0)
      • redundant license for jboss-saaj-api_1.3_spec
      • missing license for jboss-saaj-api_1.4_spec
      • wrong license for jboss-jaxws-api_2.3_spec (CCDL -> EDLv1.0)
      • missing dual license for stax-ex (CCDL -> CCDL+GPLv2.0-CE)
      • wrong ordering of licenses for artemis-* artifacts
      • updated content of BSD-3-clause license
      • updated content of MPLv2.0 license
      • updated content of Plexus Classworlds license

      Microprofile feature pack:

      • missing license for smallrye-fault-tolerance-core
      • wrong ordering of licenses for wildfly-microprofile-fault-tolerance-smallrye-* artifacts
      • missing content of ASLv2.0 license
      • missing content of GPLv2.1

      Servlet feature pack:

      • wrong ordering of licenses for jboss-el-api_3.0_spec
      • wrong ordering of wildfly-event-logger
      • redundant license for wildfly-event-logger


      • licenses urls are not synced with the Licence information for projects delivered with JBoss products authorized by Prod Core Team.

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