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Consider to allow non-resuable metrics of the same name in subdeployments


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      If two method annotated to use MP Metrics have same name. In case of Counters (example):

      • They are reusable there is actually one MP metric and both method invocation are counted to a single metric.
      • They are non-reusable:
        • They are in the same deployment - ERROR is logged and metrics are not registerd
        • They are in different deployments
          • (X) MP Config mp.metrics.appName is used thus metrics are registered under configured_name;_app=the value thus they are registered under different name
          • MP Config mp.metrics.appName is not used - ERROR is logged and metrics are not registerd

      Now I'd like to talk about the (X) option. This is valid for two scenarios:

      • Multiple deployments
      • Deployment with sub-deployments.

      In Multiple deployments I am able to to annotate two methods with non-reusable metric of the same name. I need to set MP Config mp.metrics.appName property. Then I can select the metric using a tag.

      However per https://github.com/smallrye/smallrye-metrics/issues/216 I am not able to do that in deployment with sub-deployments scenario.

      This is inconsistent behavior and it would be good to have it implemented.

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