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Update usages of wildfly-credential-reference_1_0.xsd to the new wildfly-credential-reference_1_1.xsd for new schemas



      With WFCORE-4150, the WildFly Core's urn:jboss:domain:13.0 namespace now references wildfly-credential-reference_1_1.xsd.

      WildFly full tests that any schemas that we shipped is up to date with the latest urn:jboss:domain:13.0 namespace in StandardConfigsXMLValidationUnitTestCase tests.
      However when this test resolves urn:jboss:domain:13.0, it also resolve urn:wildfly:credential-reference:1.1 and then the test fails because subsystems schemas that references urn:wildfly:credential-reference:1.0 are incorrectly considered not updated.

      Released schemas must not be updated with urn:wildfly:credential-reference:1.1 as they are already out in the open.
      However every new schemas that will be released with WildFly 20 must ensure that they will updated their references from urn:wildfly:credential-reference:1.0 to urn:wildfly:credential-reference:1.1.

      I'll create separate WFLY issues for each involved component as they may update their schemas at different time during the development of WildFly 20.
      There is no need to update the schema just for this reference change but if the schema is updated for another reason, then the reference to urn:wildfly:credential-reference MUST be updated

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