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Deploy to openshift command cannot be copied from the readme because of redundant characters


      The Deploy the JBoss EAP Source-to-Image (S2I) Quickstart to OpenShift section of readme for CD QS contains this command:

      oc new-app --template=eap-cd-basic-s2i \(1)
       -p IMAGE_STREAM_NAMESPACE="helloworld-project" \(2)
       -p SOURCE_REPOSITORY_URL="https://github.com/jboss-developer/jboss-eap-quickstarts" \(3)
       -p SOURCE_REPOSITORY_REF="openshift" \(4)
       -p CONTEXT_DIR="helloworld"(5)

      It cannot be copied and pasted in a single step because of the references at the end of each line - (1)..(5). It would be nice if the command didn't contain the redundant characters.

      For example, the notes below the command could be updated in following way without the need for the references (1)...(5) in the command itself:

      --template - The template to use.
      -p IMAGE_STREAM_NAMESPACE - The latest images streams and templates were imported into the project's namespace, so you must specify the namespace of where to find the image stream. This is usually the OpenShift project's name.
      -p SOURCE_REPOSITORY_URL - URL to the repository containing the application source code.
      -p SOURCE_REPOSITORY_REF - The Git repository reference to use for the source code. This can be a Git branch or tag reference.
      -p CONTEXT_DIR - The directory within the source repository to build.

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