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Arq: @CleanContainerDataDirsAfterTest - Delete data/ and /tmp after test is run.


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      Some tests leave files in AS /data dir.
      And the tested modules bypass their configuration from standalone.xml and rather rely on these data.
      This prevents running multiple tests within a single AS instance run; therefore, multiple AS instances, Surefire executions or Maven modules are needed.

      Having something like @CleanContainerDataDirsAfterTest per method would make writing these tests much easier and faster to run.

      Further, sometimes these tests run with multiple instances (clustering, messaging, ...).
      Not all of them may loose data in some scenarios - some of them must keep the data (e.g. for failover testing).

      Therefore, the annotation should have parameters - a list of container config names (matching arquillian.xml). Only those instances would be cleaned.

      @CleanContainerDataDirsAfterTest({"InstanceFoo", "InstanceBar"})

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