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Port the legacy jmx-console to AS7


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      I've seen a few people asking for a port of the old jmx-console to AS7, for monitoring purposes, until equivalent functionality is available through the new GWT-based console.

      I've ported the old console in this branch:

      It only includes a new top-level directory 'jmx-console'. The directory is not build by default, and when you build it manually it does not alter the server configuration in any way, you need to manually copy the resulting target/jboss-as-jmx-console-VERSION.war to the server deployment directory (and rename it to jmx-console.war)

      If there is interest, it could be included in the AS7 distro in some top level 'legacy' directory so it is not deployed by default?

      The resulting .war is attached on this JIRA, in case someone wants to use it. It work just as well on AS 7.0.2 and the latest AS 7.1.x development branch.

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