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ejb3 subsystem configuration for element <entity-bean> will not have any effect and should be removed


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    • 28.0.0.Beta1, 28.0.0.Final
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      There is the following configuration element
      <subsystem xmlns="urn:jboss:domain:ejb3:5.0">
      <optimistic-locking enabled="false"/>
      <bean-instance-pool pool-name="aPool"/>

      for the ejb3 subsystem, this seems related to EJB2 EntityBeans which are removed from the container.
      This settings does not have any affect for the current JPA (EJB3) implementation and the EJB2 implementation is removed completely.
      It looks like that only the handler to read, write and manipulate the configuration are still there.
      So the element should be removed from the schema and code.

            tadamski@redhat.com Tomasz Adamski
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