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Log a WARN if a deployment's runtime name doesn't have an extension


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      When Stage.RUNTIME handling of a deployment first starts, check if the deployment's runtime name has an extension element (i.e. has a '.' char), and if it doesn't log a WARN advising deployment will likely fail.

      Use a distinct logger so people can turn this off, since in theory a WF-stack server could have an subsystem that deals with such a deployment.

      This is a recurring pain point for users, e.g. https://groups.google.com/g/wildfly/c/fIXTTdgoglA/m/dPiJGbIsBgAJ

      Maybe instead case-insensitive check for ending with '.war', '.jar', '.ear', '.rar', '.sar', '.xml', '.whateverihaveforgotten'. But for some reason I'm a bit reluctant even though the set of artifact type we support probably is unchanged in since AS 7.0.0.Alpha1.

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