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Port subsystem development enhancements from wildfly-clustering-common to wildfly-core


    wildfly-clustering-common contains many abstractions for simplifying subsystem development. Given that many non-clustering subsystem depend on this module in order to use these abstractions, it's clear that most of this module should be ported and integrated into wildfly-core.

    The primary pieces of functionality are:

    • ServiceBuilder decorator that transparently adds async behavior to Service start/stop
    • Abstractions that simplifying cross-subsystem capability dependencies and default-aware resolution
      + Integrate into RuntimeCapability and CapabilityServiceBuilder
    • Interfaces and ResourceDefinition subclasses for streamlining resource registration
    • Resource implementation supporting dynamic child resources
    • Service configurator interfaces that encapsulate service installation for use by multiple operation handlers
    • Runtime handler interface and implementations that allow the use of entirely generic add/remove operation handlers
    • Abstractions for implementing metrics and runtime operations that rely on service values
    • Generic extension implementations that leverage streamlined resource registration

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