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Add formal preview/experimental mode to management model


      The general idea is to add a formal experimental mode to the WildFly management model.
      Generally speaking, new features are most often enabled via a new management resource or a new attribute to an existing resource.

      • Add mechanism to specify whether WildFly should run with experimental features.
        • Update the WildFly preview feature pack to enable experimental mode by default.
      • Add the ability to flag a given resource definition, attribute definition, or operation definition as experimental.
      • When experimental mode is enabled, registration of experimental resources/attributes/operations will be skipped.
        • Skipping the registration of an experimental resource inherently skips registration of its attributes/operations/etc.
        • An entire subsystem can be marked as experimental by flagging its root resource as experimental.

      Perhaps, rather than a simple boolean, we specify this as an enumerated "stream", e.g. STABLE, PREVIEW, EXPERIMENTAL, etc. where each stream has specific stability implications.

      The ManagementResourceRegistration would then filter the registration of resources/attributes/operations definitions via the associated characteristic.


      If core-management was configured to use the PREVIEW stream, it would filter registration of resources/attributes/operations to include only those whose stream was >= PREVIEW, and skip registration for anything associated with a stream < PREVIEW, i.e. EXPERIMENTAL.

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