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Remove "-jakarta" suffix from source-transformed artifacts and instead add new suffix to the original artifacts


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      Follow-up of WFLY-17160 in WFCORE

      There are some WildFly project modules that aren't fully converted to Jakarta namespace. For those, temporary transformed artifacts are created via https://github.com/wildfly/wildfly-core/tree/main/jakartaee and those are using -jakarta suffix.

      This was meant only as a temporary solution and these submodules will no longer exist once the original ones are transformed to Jakarta namespaces.
      This has undesired effect on any dependent project (eg. using explicit dependency managed by WF BOM, QE testing) that would have to keep track of those changes and update on every such change.

      The proposal is to do that the other way around: use suffixed name for original untransformed artifacts and use original name for final transformed artifacts. That way even when the module get transformed we just drop usage of the old/intermediate artifact we no longer need while the "public API" remains the same for good.

            jbliznak@redhat.com Jan Blizňák
            jbliznak@redhat.com Jan Blizňák
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