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Use HTTPS and only HTTPS for management interfaces in default configuration



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      Current default configuration of WildFly uses plaintext HTTP for management interfaces that are used for web-console access. Even though, that it is possible to switch to HTTPS after login to web-console, I believe we should incorporate HTTPS and only HTTPS configuration of management interfaces in our default WildFly configuration as it brings in more secure approach.

      Note that there is digest-auth used for web-console login, thus password is not sent in a plain-text over the network, although there is still possibility of MITM attack, as such one can see what management operations are performed (actual request payload is binary, although I presume that it is easy to decode when one knows how to do it).

      Yes, I understand that by default, there will be just a self-signed certificate generated for server on first HTTPS request, but I believe it is still an improvement.

      Such change will affect both Web-Console and also CLI so both will operate over HTTPS. In case of self-signed certificate - if not already added in trusted certs, one has to accept certificate during the first login/access via Web-Console or CLI.


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