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Clarifications needed for Message Translations II




      Can you please rephrase the following string?
      1) String representation the object name of this platform managed object.

      2) Configuration to use a list users stored within a properties file as the user repository. The entries within the properties file are username=


      with each user being specified on it's own line.

      ---- is this "configuration to use a list of users stored ---??" or "a list that users stored within a properties file ---"?

      Possible errors:
      1) An '%s' element whose '%s' attribute (is) has already been found
      2) A list of Java Virtual Machine configurations that can be applied (ot) servers on the host. TODO children

      3) Names of direct child resources of the domain root resource requests for which this Host Controller should ignore. Only relevant on a slave Host Controller. Configuring such "ignored resources" may help allow a Host Controller from an earlier release to function as a slave to a master Host Controller running a later release, by letting the slave ignore portions of the configuration its version of the software cannot understand. This strategy can only be successful if the servers managed by the slave Host Controller do not reference any of the ignored configuration.
      (how the sentence ends such as . etc)

      4)Te(The) address this message is sent to.
      5)A string in HTML format as a string in HTML format.????
      6)Removes managed (<- a) connection factory.
      7)(T)his permission allows the user to consume a message from a queue bound to matching addresses.
      8)Removes (and) audit configuration
      9) Whether this (this) memory manager is valid in the Java virtual machine.
      10) The approximate accumulated elapsed time (in milliseconds) that the thread has blocked to enter or reenter a monitor since thread contention monitoring is enabled, or -1 if thread contention monitoring is not enabled. (If the — unfinished sentence)


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