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Expose the original task in RequestController.QueuedTask


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      org.wildfly.extension.requestcontroller.RequestController.QueuedTask runRequest() method wraps the original task as a new Runnable, and pass it back to the caller's Executor for execution.

      In some cases, the original task has more state and behavior than a pure Runnable. When the new temporary Runnable is passed back to the caller's Executor, these additional features are no longer available. So we need a way to expose/unwrap the original task to the caller so that the caller's Executor can work properly.

      See https://github.com/wildfly/wildfly-core/blob/master/request-controller/src/main/java/org/wildfly/extension/requestcontroller/RequestController.java#L486

            cfang@redhat.com Cheng Fang
            cfang@redhat.com Cheng Fang
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