With WFCORE-3337 the logging subsystem introduced capabilities. While looking at WFCORE-966 I determined the capabilities were not correctly implemented. In some cases invalid capabilities are allowed to be add in admin-only mode. In other cases they're allowed to be assigned even when invalid and running a full server.

      The tests are also incorrect. They seemed correct as they checked for failed operations. However the result of the failure was not checked and some of the operations were failing, but not for the reasons expected. This was all a poor design on my part.

      New tests need to be added. One thing I did notice was these tests don't seem to work in a static KernelServices test controller. For some reason when running against a logging profile the capability recorder seems to be empty. However using a manual mode test works fine. I believe this is just a flaw in the unit test controller. This will require the tests to be moved to manual mode tests so they can be test against an admin-only booted server.

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