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Clarify the meaning of the 'server-state' and 'host-state' attributes



      This JIRA is to implement what I described in the dev list discussion around the various states a server can be in for graceful shutdown (http://lists.jboss.org/pipermail/wildfly-dev/2014-June/002360.html)

      "I do think these are orthogonal and should not be combined.

      The existing attribute is fundamentally about how the state of the
      runtime services relates to the persistent configuration.

      STARTING == out of sync due to still getting in sync during start
      RUNNING == in sync
      RELOAD_REQUIRED = out of sync, needs a reload to get in sync
      RESTART_REQUIRED = out of sync, needs a full process restart to get in sync

      There are two problems though with the existing attribute that exposes this:

      1) It's named "server-state" on a server and "host-state" on a Host
      Controller. Really crappy name; way too broad.

      That's fixable by creating a new attribute and making the old one an
      alias for compatibility purposes.

      2) The RUNNING state is really poorly named.

      The could perhaps be fixed by coming up with a new name and translating
      it back to "RUNNING" in the handlers for the legacy "server-state" and
      "host-state" attributes."

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