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Input/Output Formats Should Be Standard Formats (json/yaml/etc)


      The purpose of the CLI is to improve automation for administrators, but the format used for data is a non-standard format that cannot be easily parsed or generated by any language.

      The format is really close to json, but with enough deviation to make munging it a pain: replace hash rockets (=>) with colons, undefined with null, and key value pairs ("(a => b)") with hashes ("

      {a : b}

      "). Going in the opposite direction requires some sort of cleverness to determine what is a key-value pair, which is not fun.

      The CLI should support both output and input in a standard format, so that the above hoops do not have to be jumped through.

      Steps to Reproduce:
      1. Connect to the jboss cli
      2. Execute "/:whoami"

      Actual results:
      "outcome" => "success",
      "result" => {"identity" => {
      "username" => "$local",
      "realm" => "ManagementRealm"
      "response-headers" =>

      {"process-state" => "reload-required"}


      Expected results:
      "outcome": "success",
      "result": {"identity": {
      "username": "$local",
      "realm": "ManagementRealm"

      {"process-state": "reload-required"}


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