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User redirected with HTTP 301 instead of 302 in admin-only mode


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      The issue isn't that the console isn't working in admin-only mode. It's that a permanent redirect is issued for a temporary condition. The redirect from the console root URL should use a 302, not a 301, since the appropriate target depends on whether the server was started in admin-only mode.

      The root URL of the admin console ( / ) does a permanent redirect (301) to the final target. Normally it's a redirect to /console/index.html. But if the server is started in admin-only mode then /console/index.html doesn't return a sensible error (Chrome reports that the connection to the server was lost). If a browser has cached the permanent redirect, it won't be clear why the console isn't working.

      On the other hand if the server is started in domain-only mode and the browser caches the permanent redirect to /consoleerror/noConsoleForAdminModeError.html, then the browser will continue to load /consoleerror/noConsoleForAdminModeError.html even after the server is started without --admin-only.

      A 301 redirect is inappropriate since "admin-only" isn't a permanent state.

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