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Expose the ProcessType via the ManagementResourceRegistration



      An Extension needs to be usable both on a HostController (for registering the subsystem management model for use in domain profiles) and on a server. But the API exposed by the Extension can differ in the two cases, as there are no runtime services behind a domain profile resource, while there usually are behind a server resource. So the Extension implementation may need to behave differently depending on the type of process it is running in.

      To support this, the ExtensionContext provided to the Extension exposes the ProcessType. But this isn't particularly friendly, as that forces the Extension impl to provide that ProcessType to its ResourceDefinition impls, and those are typically created in a tree with the Extension impl only creating the root. So lots of custom constructors passing a ProcessType down the tree.

      If ManagementResourceRegistration exposed the ProcessType, then the ResourceDefinition impls could directly read it when deciding what attributes/operations/children/notifications to register.

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